Sometimes I just can't believe that I still run across sites that don't have the basics. The basics I'm talking about aren't keywords or sitemaps for SEO, they're not intelligent navigation, or even a way to collect an email address for your weekly newsletter. While those are important for marketing, I'm talking about what's important to gain and keep the trust of your website visitors.
Here are five things I've actually shouted out loud in the past few months when using an app or visiting a site for the first time.

1. "How the hell can I contact ANYONE at this company?"

People who want to get in touch with you are really going to get aggravated when they don't have an easy way to do it. If you don't want to put your email address on your site (we get it, spammers suck) include a simple form that a visitor can fill out. Use Wufoo or Formstack, put the code on your site and visitors can fill out the form with their question or concern. And if you're scared of nasty bots use a CAPTCHA, (those sometimes hard-to-read numbers and letters you need to type into a field to prove you're human.) With a form you can get an email directly to your inbox when someone fills it out.